Ummed Singh Mahra

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In one of the most difficult counter-insurgency operation in Nagaland, an insurgent revealed the location of self-styled Brigadier Pavizo and his HQ. A raiding party led Captain Umed Singh Mahra of 19 Raj Rif made a nightlong march negotiating slippery slopes and fast flowing nullahs in the festering Nagaland jungles to surprise the hostiles in the early hours of 6 July 1971. In the ensuing firefight, Capt. Mahra was wounded in the stomach. The officer continued to lead what turned out to be one of the most successful raids in Nagaland, resulting in the capture of large cache of arms, ammunition, and important documents. He then uncomplainingly endured the long journey back before succumbing to his wounds. For his intense display of leadership, endurance and bravery he was awarded the Ashoka Chakra.

Award: Ashok Chakra, 1972